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Helps reduce aging and tired eyes, cellulite, and stretch marks.
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What is Carboxytherapy?

Carboxytherapy is a skin rejuvenation treatment that has become popular in recent years. This treatment option delivers carbon dioxide directly to the skin. The idea is to widen the blood vessels in the area where applied, which will increase the oxygen transport to local tissues. Carboxytherapy has also been shown to have anti-inflammatory capabilities. It can be used pre or post-laser, during micro-needling, as a chemical peel, or as part of a facial.

A popular application of this treatment is through a CO2 Lift Pro Carboxy Gel. This gel allows for at-home use. It can hydrate the skin 117% with one use, but in order to get the best results, it’s recommended to use 3-7 applications over 3 to 7 weeks. It is a relatively safe treatment option with next to no side effects. There may be bruising or swelling at the application site, but this usually subsides quickly. Treated areas will also feel warm or tingly after application, which is normal and will subside after 24 hours.

Who is it for?

Carboxytherapy has become a popular treatment option across a broad age group! It’s often used to treat cellulite, dark under-eye circles, and stretch marks. Those who seek out carboxytherapy are usually looking to find an improvement in:

  • Circulation
  • Skin elasticity
  • Fine lines and wrinkles
  • The destruction of fatty deposits

It’s also popular among those looking to reduce under-eye circles. Carboxytherapy can achieve this by increasing flow to the eyelid. Some physicians have also used carboxytherapy to treat erectile dysfunction, acute arthritis, Raynaud’s syndrome, and alopecia caused by poor blood circulation.

However, there isn’t enough research to back up carboxytherapy being a reliable treatment option for the disorders listed. For issues like fat and cellulite reduction, carboxytherapy is often preferred over more invasive and high-risk methods like liposuction. It’s often used on the face, eyelids, neck, stomach, arms, legs, and buttocks. Carboxytherapy is not recommended for those looking to treat a skin disease or an active infection.

What are the benefits?

Perhaps one of the biggest benefits of carboxytherapy is that there is no downtime involved. Most patients will go on about their life 15 minutes after the treatment is applied. Here are some of the other major benefits of carboxytherapy:

  • Aging and tired eyes – This treatment option promotes blood circulation to the treatment area, reducing tissue damage and rejuvenating the area.
  • Cellulite – It’s also often used for cellulite reduction, as it causes improved skin elasticity and alterations to the fat cells that cause cellulite.
  • Stretch marks – Carboxytherapy can help stimulate blood flow, helping improve the skin’s appearance and elasticity.

It can also help promote healing, reduce inflammation and improve results if applied directly after a procedure. If used continuously, it can help keep skin healthy and youthful as you age. It also lasts a long time, especially if you live a healthy lifestyle. For example, if you use carboxytherapy to treat cellulite, it will likely stay away. However, if you have a poor diet and live a sediment lifestyle, cellulite can return in four to six months.

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